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Nook is an anti-office coworking space located in Bangsar. Fully featured with all the office amenities you will need + excellent COFFEE.

A Nook to Call Their Own

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  by: S Indramalar

A co-working space in bustling Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur has opened up new possibilities for freelancers.

LOCATED in a hidden cul-de-sac in bustling Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, is Nook, a brand new co-working space for freelancers who want it all: a comfortable space, access to basic amenities (hi-speed Internet, printers, fax machines, meeting and conference space, etc), stimulation from like-minded individuals and the freedom of working independently. A joint venture between friends Daniel Yap, Chui Lee and Vince Choo, Nook also offers solo workers a chance to build their social and business networks in the shared office space. “Co-working basically means bringing different people together to share a space,” explains Yap. “It’s very different from the rent-a-suite kind of operation. Here, co-workers don’t just rent a space to work; they work alongside each other and collaborate on projects that are mutually beneficial.” READ THE REST HERE

Written by Nook. Posted in Welcome

Nook Malaysia is proud to support HackrBackr

HackrBackr is an attempt to bring two groups of people together in an open and transparent way. We are looking for Hackrs (people with ideas or products who need help developing the idea or in marketing the product) and Backrs (who are people with time, experience, and resources to share – available for either mentorship or investment). We are an exclusive group that is not open to anyone. New members require an invitation or to be personally vetted by existing members. We are looking for real people with real contributions to make, not day-dreamers. With that said, we feel it is very important for us to have a friendly family feel, which is why all meet-ups take place at Nook and the number of attendees and overall members is limited to certain numbers. Our hope is for different teams and individuals with different skills to help each other within the group, and as the organization grows, we hope to provide scholarships and funding to those teams with the best ideas, a boot-camp of sorts, which we hope to share with you soon. We already have two start-ups that are being officially backed by the organization, and hope to take-on more as our number of Backrs continues to grow.